GPYC Member Business Directory!

You now have the ability to grow your business through this comprehensive online Member Business Directory.  You can search for business information by member name, company name, industry type, location, etc.  Enter your criteria and click the “Search” link below.  You will be presented with a list of members that meet the search criteria.  Click the detail icon to the left of the search result to view full details.  If you require technical support, you may contact Web Geeks Marketing.

At this time, the directory consists of the member’s business information.  A second phase of the project will be to add the business information of the member’s spouse.  We will keep you posted on the progress of the second phase.  The business information uploaded on to the Directory was extracted from the GPYC database.  If you would like to be identified in a different business category or have updated information to add, please contact Susan Hughes at (313) 640-3188 or Lorraine Thomas at (313) 640-7003.

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